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Professional Resume’ Of

Neil G. Stampe



6323 Warm Mist Lane                 Tel: 972-490-3498

Dallas, TX 75248                          Fax: 972-490-3934

e-mail: NextGenerationSol@SBCGlobal.net




Education:                      B.S. Mechanical Engineering - 1969

                                                California State University at Long Beach

                                                M.B.A. Management - 1974

                                                University of Southern California


          Summit Resource Management - Dallas, Tx.    Consultant                                      1996 - Current

            ARCO Permian  - Plano, Tx.                            Marketing Manager                         1991 - 1995

            ARCO Oil and Gas Company - Dallas, Tx.        Business Manager, Marketing          1987 - 1991

            ARCO Products Company - Los Angeles, Ca.

                        Crude Oil Trading and Supply Manager                  1981 - 1987

                        Crude Oil Planning and Analysis Manager             1980 - 1981

                        Government Regulations Manager                         1979 - 1980

                        Profit Planning and Analysis Manager                    1974 - 1979

                        Acquisitions and Divestitures Analyst                    1972 - 1974

                        Refined Product Supply Analyst                            1971 - 1972

                        Refinery Engineer                                                 1969 - 1971


Summary of Experience:

 Neil began his career as an engineer at ARCO’s Los Angeles Refinery following graduation from college. He was responsible for project design and construction management for capital projects within the refinery. He was then selected to participate in a management development program and moved to ARCO’s main offices in downtown Los Angeles. Several short-term assignments prepared him for a position in the Refined Product Supply Department. He was responsible for developing recommendations for bidding on government sales contracts based on results from multi-refinery linear programming model case studies.

In 1973, Neil was promoted to a position in the Headquarters Marketing Acquisitions and Divestitures Department. He participated in numerous projects, the most significant of which was the evaluation of service station marketing operations in Texas and Oklahoma. This led to the decision to discontinue that segment of the business in 1974. The next five years were spent in the financial arena developing budgets, performance analyses, short-term strategies and long-range plans. This was a particularly leveraging area due to the impact of government price controls on the industry at that time. In 1979, Neil was promoted to Manager of Government Regulations where his department was responsible for establishing the company’s position on proposed regulations, lobbying government agencies and interpreting regulations and their application to ARCO’s business.

In 1980 Neil became manager of Crude Oil Supply Planning and Analysis. In this capacity he was instrumental in developing ARCO’s Alaska North Slope crude oil pricing and establishing the company’s Crude Oil Pricing Committee.  In 1981 Neil accepted his first “line position” as Manager of Crude Oil Trading and Supply. He was responsible for trading and/or transporting ARCO’s crude production worldwide to supply the U.S. refining system. Trading activity exceeded 1 million barrels/day to supply 775,000 barrels/day to four refineries. The proprietary marine fleet consisted of 8 tankers and was supplemented with charter vessels.

ARCO initiated a major restructuring in 1985 that entailed moving the crude supply activity out of the refining company in Los Angeles and into the exploration and producing company in Dallas. In 1987, Neil became the Business Manager for crude oil and natural gas liquids (NGL) marketing. He established operating and financial controls, analyzed performance and developed strategies for domestic and international marketing activities. Hedging activities on the New York Mercantile Exchange became a significant aspect of the business during this period.

Neil resumed his line management responsibilities in 1991. He was responsible for all of ARCO’s NGL marketing including 45,000 barrels/day of production from 53 gas processing plants across the country. Responsibilities for East and West Texas/New Mexico crude oil marketing were also added. Neil reshaped the philosophy and substance of this operation and dramatically improved profits while reducing expenses and capital investment. Developing niche markets was an important aspect of this improvement.

In 1995 ARCO implemented a major restructuring of its upstream business and formed separate marketing groups for each of six regional exploration and producing entities. Neil elected to accept a financial package and resigned from the company at year-end 1995.

Summit Resource Management/Next Generation Solutions

Representative Projects

·         NGL Pipeline Market Study -- Conducted a market study for an existing NGL pipeline to determine its market value, potential for growth and recommendations regarding retention, expansion or divestiture.

·         NGL Terminal Study -- Facilitated the client’s project team to assess business development potential for an existing underground NGL storage facility. Entailed identifying  and prioritizing potential projects and business partners.

·         Gas Plant Review -- Analyzed the marketing arrangements at the plant and developed a plan to assure the minority interest owner received an equitable share of the plant revenue.

·         Joint Venture Negotiation -- Participated with a client’s team to negotiate a multi-million dollar NGL pipeline joint venture with another company.

·         Software Marketing -- Provided industry expertise and marketing services to a company that has developed a Crude Oil and NGL Marketing system. The system enables users who are engaged in marketing and/or supply to record and produce contracts, schedule receipts and deliveries and manage administrative functions.

·         Crude Oil Call Rights -- Analyzed and prepared recommendations regarding an independent producer’s rights and obligations with respect to call rights in a farm-out agreement.

·         Crude Oil Gathering System Review -- Facilitated a client’s project team to evaluate current operations and potential growth options for a crude oil gathering system.

·         Crude Oil Trading Policy -- Developed comprehensive oil trading guidelines, policies and procedures for a Gulf Coast refiner.   

·         Gas Plant Operating Agreement -- Evaluated issues and counseled gas plant co-owners to resolve disputes.

·         Minerals Management Service Royalty Sales -- Evaluated proposals for crude oil sales to small refiners. Developed strategies and alternatives.

·         Department of Energy SPR Fill Program – Advised the Departments of Energy and Interior in developing a program to exchange Federal Royalty Oil produced in the Gulf of Mexico for crude oil to be stored in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

·         Litigation Support – Provided expert analyses and testimony regarding damage liability following an off-shore oil pipeline rupture.

·         Litigation Support -- Provided expert analyses, strategies and testimony for major oil pricing legal actions between producers and royalty owners.

·         Litigation Support -- Provided expert analyses and strategies for natural gas and natural gas liquid legal actions between producers and royalty owners.

·         Litigation Support -- Provided expert analyses and testimony in a legal action involving energy price controls in effect between 1973 and 1981.

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