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Company Profile

Summit Resource Management, Inc. provides expert professionals with decades of experience in hydrocarbon exploration, engineering, accounting, operations, economics, marketing, residential construction, land development, and general management.  Summit’s leaders – Benjamin Johnson and John Martineck – are former senior-level managers of Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) and have worked together since forming Summit in 1993.  Together, Johnson and Martineck have brought hundreds of millions of dollars to independent oil companies, royalty owners, and governments throughout the United States. They have a proven track record of achieving positive results and enhancing asset value through strict business discipline and application of innovative technology.

The team brings a broad experience base including execution and management of crude oil, natural gas, and NGL marketing, refinery engineering, lease revenue accounting, reserve reporting, economic evaluation, and enhanced oil recovery in areas throughout the continental United States, Gulf Coast, and Alaska. They have served as expert consultants and/or witnesses in over 20 large private, governmental and class action lawsuits involving oil, condensate, gas and CO2 royalty valuation and severance taxes.  They have developed and taught oil and gas marketing courses to diverse petroleum industry groups including the US Department of the Interior, State governments, independent oil producers, and other independent professionals.

Johnson and Martineck worked with the US government in a large False Claims Act (qui tam) litigation concerning federal oil royalty payments that recovered over $400 million for the US government. Their involvement in that case included technical management of a litigation team including up to 100 attorneys and paralegals and day-to-day consultation with the US Department of Justice and the Minerals Management Service (MMS). They have testified to the US Congress twice regarding crude oil markets and were principal contributors to the 2003 federal crude oil royalty payment regulations administered by the MMS. Their work on behalf of independent producers and royalty owners has resulted in significant pricing improvements for lease oil, condensate, and gas throughout the US.

Pictured below: John M. Martineck and J. Benjamin Johnson

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